The CRIPL (Consolidated Remain-In-Place Listing) indicates whether a NIIN is a valid Remain in Place (RIP) or not. It’s important that your DLR LS is not submitting RIP requests for NIINs already classified as RIP. This adds to the RIP request backlog (MSGS and e-mails ) NWSS has to verify. Per RIP instruction, the preferred method is EMAIL submission.

Prior to requisitioning, take a look at the CRIPL list to avoid having to do unnecessary work. If the NIIN is not RIP worthy, RIP codes N, X or a blank space will be reflected in column “D” on the spreadsheet. DO NOT attempt and order any NON-RIP worthy NIINs using advice code 5S as NITA will change it to 5G and commence carcass tracking. If you are going to submit a RIP MSG or EMAIL for a non-RIP worthy part, ensure you order using advice code 5G and NWSS will update the database accordingly based on the ISEA findings of your RIP request.

CRIPL Listing as of 08-Jun-2015


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