NAVSUP INST 4440.182A RIP Procedures – Policy and Submission

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Training, Uncategorized

Today’s download is the updated NWSS POLICY for REMAIN IN PLACE DLR’S and examples of RIP MSG/EMAIL enclosures. Some minor modifications were made but most notably, the email address changed.

In addition to the file provided, NWSS front end validates advice codes. If you order a DLR using advice code 5S and it’s not a valid RIP – NITA WILL “automatically” change the advice code from 5S to 5G. Once the advice code is changed to 5G, the carcass tracking clock begins to count down toward an Actual Bill.

The ship should have a RIP chit on board. This chit is not recognized by NWSS but is necessary for ship records.


1. Receive CO approved RIP chit.
2. As soon as possible, send a RIP message/e-mail to NWSS requesting the NIIN you are requisitioning be added to the MRIL as a Remain in Place item.
3. Populate the DTG or the e-mail date in NITA plus the ESD of requisition.


1. Extend BILL DATE to ESD or until resolution of the RIP request.

As a reminder, within NITA you can delay carcass tracking 30 days. This is an automatic extension if you wish to use it. TYCOM can extend carcass tracking based on the circumstances regarding the additional time require but it must be requested.


  1. Charles says:

    Thank you so much for doing this


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