BMR Questions

When interrogating the accused, is it necessary to have a third person present to sign that the accused was properly informed of his/her rights?
No, you as the interrogator can sign as the verifier of their rights being stated.

Interrogation of the accused can only be done if he or she has done what?
Waived their rights knowingly and intelligently.

What publication has 12 chapters that describe the authority and responsibilities of the offices within the DON?
Navy Regulations

What is the article number that states the failure to obey order or regulation?

Who is responsible for maintaining Navy Regulations?

Who must approve any addition, deletion or change to the Navy Regulations?

What are the guidelines of EMI?
Will not be more than 2 hours a day, assigned at a reasonable time out of working hours, not conducted over a period longer than is necessary to correct a deficiency, not conducted on a Sabbath, not used as a method of depriving normal liberty.

Who does the authority to assign EMI rest with?
The CO

What are some of the privileges that may be temporarily withheld?
Special liberty, exchange of duty, special pay, special CMD programs, bases or ship libraries and movies, CMD parking and special service events.

The SOFA tries to do what two things?
1. Guarantee the armed forces adequate legal protection without infringing on the authority of the military CMD.
2. Fully recognize the peacetime rights and responsibilities of the civilian authorities in the host countries.

Who falls into the Operating Management level of the formal Navy Management Structure responsible for the supervision of goal completion?
CPO’s and DIVO’s (DIVO’s are responsible for setting division goals – all good PO’s know that a DIVO is only as good as the CPO that drives him/her).

What are the six critical tasks leaders are to take action on to be effective?
1. Listen
2. Set goals & develop plans
3. Give clear & concise direction
4. Provide feedback
5. Reward or discipline
6. Develop subordinates with inspiration, motivation & consistency.

You should be familiar with the six styles of leadership, what are they?
1. Coercer
2. Authoritarian
3. Affiliated
4. Democratic
5. Pacesetter
6. Coach

There are five critical skills of management and supervision to become familiar with.
1. Concern for standards
2. Concern for Efficiency
3. Planning and Organizing
4. Supervising for Effective Performance
5. Monitoring

The Navy has identified six skills of effective leaders to apply in leading others that is focused on in NAVLEAD.
1. Commitment to Cmd Mission
2. Self-image as a Leader
3. Communication
4. Influencing
5. Development of others
6. Concern for subordinates

The Navy has also identified certain personal characteristics that CPO’s who are successful incorporate.
1. Concern for achievement
2. Analytical problem solving
3. Interpersonal awareness
4. Initiative
5. Persistence
6. Assertiveness

During a PCS what is the maximum number of days a military member and his family may stay at a Navy Lodge without local commander approval?
30 Days

For active personnel who separate what is the number of days after separation that the SGLI coverage is available?
120 days

What rank is defined as being the technical authority, expert and supervisor within a rating in charge of providing the direct supervision, instruction, and training of lower rated personnel?
Chief Petty Officers

What rank is defined as being the senior technical supervisor within a rating with a primary responsibility for supervising and training enlisted personnel oriented to systems and subsystems rather than individual unit work? Senior Chief Petty Officers

What rank is defined as having experience, proven performance and technical knowledge necessary within a command that they are vested with special trust and confidence assisting with formation and execution of policy? Master Chief Petty Officers

What are the three most important training areas that a CPO must plan for?

What are the basic elements of integrity that all CPO’s are expected to utilize?
Honesty, honor and responsibility

What are the elements of professionalism that CPO’s are expected to maintain?
Competence, team work, and loyalty

What is the handing down of beliefs and customs from generation to generation that you as a CPO have an obligation to your predecessors and successors to uphold?

No pregnant servicewoman may be assigned overseas or travel overseas after the beginning of what week of pregnancy?

A pregnant servicewoman cannot be transferred to a deploying unit during what time period of pregnancy in CONUS?
From the 20th week of pregnancy through four months after the expected date of delivery.

Post-delivery convalescent leave is normally how long after the baby has been delivered?
42 days or 6 weeks

What is the title given to the person who is a volunteer liaison between the command and families appointed by the CO?

What code on the DD214 when you leave the Navy tells whether you can reenlist or not?
The reenlistment code.

How many articles are there in the Code of Conduct?

What items if you become a POW are you required to give under the Code of Conduct Article number Five? Your name, rank, service number and date of birth.

What three sources set forth the basic disciplinary laws for the US Navy?
1. US Navy Regulations
2. Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy
3. Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

Under what article are you held responsible for obeying any regulation and which failure subjects you to charges in the UCMJ?
Article 92 – Failure to obey an order or regulation.

What publication/source details the regulations and guidance governing the conduct of all members of the Navy?
Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy OPNAVINST 3120.32

What are the numbers of the punitive articles of the UCMJ?
Numbers 77 through 134

Can Confinement on bread and water be administered to anyone by a CO at captain’s mast?
NO only E3 and below aboard ship.

How many maximum hours are authorized for extra duty?
2 hours maximum and Petty Officers may not be assigned extra duties that would demean their grade or position.

What type of courts-martial consists of one commissioned officer and can award any sentence at mast? Summary Courts-Martial

How many inches square is the Navy neckerchief?
36 inches square made of black silk, acetate or other like material.

How long should the blue jumper top be?
It should hang straight and be long enough to cover all but the lowest button of the 13 buttons.

Pants should cover the shoes at the heel by how many inches?
1 inch

What is the maximum height of a heel on dress shoes that a woman may wear?
2 and 5/8 inches and no less than 5/8 in and no wedge heels are authorized.

What size should stencils be on uniform items for men and women?
1/2 inch but not more than 1 inch if no stencil/stamp is available.

Who must authorize the transfer of enlisted person uniform clothing?
The commanding officer

How many inches above the left breast pocket are ribbons worn?
1/4 of an inch

What is the maximum length hair on a male sailor can be?
4 inches

Can sideburns be flared?

How far down the side of the face can sideburns extend?
To the middle of the ear.

What is the approximate size of a braid if a woman sailor decides to wear multiple braids?
1/4 inch

When a woman is wearing a jumper uniform what is the maximum length the hair may extend below the top of the collar?
1 and 1/2 inches

What is the maximum length that nails may extend from the tip of the finger?
1/4 inch – also on this note nail polish may be worn but must be a soft shade that is complimentary to the skin tone.

Women’s earrings must be how many mm?
6mm which is approximately 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch and they may be shiny or matte finish

When considering formation commands what foot is brought in to the other foot at a call of ATTENTION? The left foot is brought to the right foot.

On the AT EASE command what foot MUST stay planted in place?
The right foot.

What is defined as the “offensive measure taken to prevent, deter, and respond to terrorism?” Counterterrorism

What is the term for a person who is a member of a political party who rebels against established leadership?

What uniform may be worn at any time while traveling on leave, TAD or transfer and during any season? Service Dress Blue

What is the maximum measurement of an individual mustache hair fully extended from the lip?
1/2 inch

What is the standard measurement regarding the wear of metal insignia on Chiefs uniforms?
1 inch and centered.

What is the measurement of women’s chevrons on the rating badges?
2 and 1/2 inches wide and their rating insignia is 3/4 the size of men’s!

What is the measurement of chevrons on a men’s rating badge?
3 and 1/4 inches and are 3/4 larger than that of women’s.

Considering the 12 years of Good Conduct Service and wear of the gold on dress uniforms are the years to be cumulative or continuous good service?


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